Official Rollout After Pilot Success


Location: Montreal
Industry: Telecommunications
Employees: 11,000


- Need to replace the workstation reservation solution used at the time, which did not meet requirements and was only partially used by employees.

- Desire to encourage employees to return to the office and collaborate face-to-face.

- Need for a simple, intuitive tool that would be easily adopted by users.

- Need for a solution that can be implemented quickly, even in a large corporate setting.


Successful Pilot Deployment : elia was initially rolled out to a few select teams in 2023. The success of this pilot led to an official deployment across Quebecor's various offices in 2024.

About Québecor

A leading Canadian telecommunications, entertainment, news media, and culture company, Quebecor is one of the most successful integrated communications firms in the industry. The company encompasses strong brands such as Videotron, TVA, Le Journal de Montréal, and Le Journal de Québec. It is also active in magazine and book publishing, billboard advertising, film and television services, music production, and cultural product distribution.

Quebecor employs over 11,000 people in Canada. Its headquarters in Montreal leverages a vast network of experts to serve the organization's various subsidiaries. Many employees benefit from the flexibility of hybrid work, allowing them to combine remote work with in-person office attendance.

Success of the Pilot Project

In early 2023, GPHY and Québecor launched a pilot project as the company sought a more efficient way to manage workspaces and foster collaboration among colleagues in the office. Quebecor desired a solution that was simple and user-friendly for both users and administrators.

The elia platform was deployed to selected teams in two Montreal offices. Within just a few months, workstation and meeting room reservations increased by over 304%. Users consistently expressed enthusiasm for the platform's ease of use, and there was positive feedback for the personalized support provided by the GPHY team throughout the pilot.

These promising results convinced Quebecor to deploy the solution not only across its headquarters but also in other administrative buildings and its subsidiaries, making this pilot project a true testament to elia's transformative potential.

Since the deployment of the elia platform within our company, some of our needs have evolved, and the GPHY team has always been attentive to find solutions, responding quickly to our requests whenever we need support.

- Michelle D'Arcy, Director of Real Estate Operations at Québecor

Rationalization of Workspaces

Thanks to data provided by elia, Québecor was able to refine its understanding of workspace utilization. The data confirmed opportunities for space optimization, leading to the centralization of administrative offices at the headquarters. Indeed, some teams working in less busy offices were reassigned to the 612 Rue Saint-Jacques office.

To date, this reorganization has generated multiple benefits for the company. Firstly, it has enabled the release of leases for underutilized buildings. Additionally, the release of underused spaces allows Quebecor to reduce its carbon footprint and energy consumption, contributing to its sustainability goals. Finally, the centralization of teams at the headquarters also creates a more dynamic and vibrant work environment, fostering collaboration among different teams within the Québecor group.

Conclusion on elia's Adoption

In conclusion, the official deployment of elia at Quebecor demonstrates its user appreciation and transformative impact on workspace management. The success of the pilot project highlights elia's effectiveness in optimizing operations while creating more stimulating and collaborative workspaces.

The project's success has also allowed Québecor to make strategic real estate decisions, proving that technological tools are essential not only for adapting to the demands of modern work environments but also financially advantageous, with costs largely offset by the savings enabled.

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