CISSS Chaudière - Appalaches

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Location: Chaudière-Appalaches
Industry: Integrated health and social services centre
Employees: 14 000


Need to better understand the use of administrative workspaces at 960 Rue de la Concorde in order to optimize the number of employees assigned to this home port.


An increase in the employee-to-workstation ratio that allows for the optimization of clinical spaces and attracts a larger talent pool from both shores of Quebec.

About CISSS Chaudière - Appalaches

The CISSS ofChaudière-Appalaches is responsible for ensuring the maintenance and improvement of the health and wellbeing of the region's population. It encompasses nearly a hundred facilities spread across 136 municipalities, including 4 hospitals, 23 local community service centers (CLSC), 28 long-term care centers (CHSLD), and a variety of other service centers.

During the acquisition of the 960 Rue de la Concorde office, renovation work was carried out to implement an activity-based work environment (MTAA), thus introducing a system of unassigned workstations. As this method was new to the CISSS, it was difficult to determine the optimal ratio of employees who could share the 66 available workstations. Therefore, the project team issued a call for tenders for an occupancy measurement service that would provide relevant data for this decision-making process.

Improving Operational Efficiency

In the fall of 2022, the GPHY team deployed elia sensors throughout the administrative offices at 960 Rue de la Concorde. Since then, the data collected is sent to the elia web platform, which allows managers to easily analyze it and better understand how their workspaces are actually used.

In fact, the data provided by elia allowed the CISSS to optimize the number of employees assigned to this home base. Whereas previously there were 90 employees for 66 workstations, 150 employees now comfortably share these workspaces.

This approach allows for better utilization of resources while also promoting a positive experience for employees. Thanks to the collected data, managers  can ensure that collaborators have access to a workspace that is adapted to their needs every time they come into the office.

The elia team has been very proactive right from the start of our collaboration. They were able to adapt the solutions to be deployed according to our specific needs. Thanks to this proactivity, we were able to improve the analysis of the data collected and optimize the use of our spaces.

-           Mylène Bouchard Fortier, Building Consultant - Real Estate Project Planning and Management Department, CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches

For the Benefit of Employees and the Population

The transformation towards an activity-based work environment (MTAA), supported by elia's occupancy measurement, has had multiple benefits for the CISSS. Initially, this allowed the conversion of some administrative offices into clinical spaces, thus improving the accessibility of services to the population of Chaudière-Appalaches.

Furthermore, the redistribution of human resources at 960 Rue de la Concorde has also been a positive experience for employees. Benefiting from a strategic location near the Quebec bridges, roles based at this location are more attractive, expanding the CISSS's recruitment potential within a broader talent pool. This also allows for greater office occupancy, making the workspaces more dynamic and conducive to collaboration among colleagues.


The adoption of the elia ecosystem by the CISSS de Chaudière-Appalaches has optimized workspace management while enhancing operational efficiency. Thanks to a better understanding of office usage, elia has supported more flexible sharing of workstations and an increase in the employee-to-workstation ratio by 67%.

This collaboration illustrates the significant impact of elia in improving services offered to employees and, by extension, to the served population.

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