elia reserves spaces

Making reservations is part of the solution.

elia offers intuitive desk and room booking via an interactive floor plan of your office. Help employees book spaces that suit their needs and encourage them to invite colleagues too.

Book your happy place

elia’s reservation module makes your workstations and meeting rooms bookable—simplifying the sharing of unassigned seating in hybrid mode. With elia, your employees are guaranteed a workspace adapted to their needs when they come into the office.

Easy as 1, 2… you know the rest

The beauty of elia lies in its user-friendliness. With an interactive map of your offices, elia enables your employees to find a workspace or book a meeting room that suits their needs. The result? Sharing spaces becomes incredibly simple.

"elia has become essential to keeping our operations running smoothly. Desk bookings can be done in the blink of an eye!"

-  Ghislain Letendre, Globco Maritime Director

Your IT team is going to love us

elia integrates with all your favourite platforms, allowing employees to book meeting rooms or workstations directly from their calendar.

elia can be up and running within just a few hours—without shaking up your IT ecosystem—or taking up your precious time.

How does our
reservation module work

Desk booking
Meeting room booking
Interactive office maps
Real-time availability
Group policies & neighborhoods
Invite colleagues
Mobile app
Outlook & Google Agenda integrations

Plug n' play

with leading collaboration

Turnkey service

done within a few hours, by our friendly elia experts.

Free trial

for 30 days for workplace admins.

Integrating elia into your IT ecosystem is easy as pie.
And who doesn't love pie?

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Smarter Spaces, Better Care
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