Say hi to hybrid. Say hello to elia. A simple platform. And a more human way to connect when it comes to hybrid work.

The future of work is hybrid.

Make it work for you.

Great company culture is all about great interactions. By simplifying how hybrid work is organized in shared workspaces, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without elia. Did someone say employee of the month?

elia creates connection

Thanks to its collaboration features, elia synchronizes your hybrid teams and gets people excited about returning to the office. It’s really the best of both worlds. Office and remote work—perfectly harmonized.

elia reserves spaces

Featuring an interactive map of your office, elia makes it easy for your employees to book workstations and meeting rooms according to their needs and schedules. Did we mention it was easy?

elia analyzes your workplace

More than a simple work tool, elia is your smart management partner. With the capacity to measure workspace occupancy, you can better understand how and where your employees work. With all this data at your fingertips, it’s almost a superpower.

elia integrates into your IT environment in no time flat.


Great company culture
starts with great company.

In the new economy, employees'ability to solve unprecedented and complex problems is often linked to the contribution of others. It only makes sense that everyone works well together.

We worked out all
the details, so you won’t
have to.

Choosing your workspace
promotes productivity.

Our work habits have changed. And new management skills, and tools, are needed to address this new hybrid workforce reality. elia to the rescue! Tailor-made office and workspace reservation software designed to meet the needs of the ever-changing world of work.

Meet our clients and discover how
elia exceeds their expectations.

Reinventing Workspace Management with elia
elia Triples Rate of Workspace Bookings

Give employees an environment that works better for them,

and they’ll want to work better for you.

No office should be left behind. Nowadays, workspaces and common areas should be as dynamic as they are inviting. The morale, productivity, and all-around good cheer of your team depend on it.

Where to start?

People are talking.

"We wanted to democratize technologies and simplify their integration into the organization of work."

"GPHY designed a platform that offers companies solutions to make hybrid work more efficient."
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