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Better management through better data

elia measures workplace occupancy to help you understand how employees use your office. Get access to a wealth of data to help you improve your in-office experience and employee satisfaction.

You’re gaining an intelligent right-hand

With elia’s analysis module, you get an in-depth understanding of how your workplace is actually being used. Collected using smart sensors, elia’s office occupancy data gives you the information you need to better adapt your spaces to the new reality of hybrid work.

Stats that speak volumes

Through its intuitive interface, elia provides a range of occupancy data for your spaces, such as how much workstations are being used and how many people, on average, occupy a meeting room. It’s a great way to measure office occupancy and understand the habits of your employees in hybrid mode.

A walk in the park for your IT team

elia’s occupancy data is collected using smart sensors designed for workspaces. This data is readily accessible for analysis via our intuitive web-based platform.

The deployment of the platform is carried out entirely by the elia team. There’s no disrupting your IT ecosystem or network. Simply put, it’s the turnkey service you’ve been waiting for!

How does our workplace analysis
module work?

Desk utilization statistics
Meeting room utilization statistics
Wireless desk sensors
Smart meeting room sensors
Analytics dashboard
Real-time data
Booking vs. real usage comparison data
Data exports & custom reports

Plug n' play

with leading collaboration

Turnkey service

done within a few hours, by our friendly elia experts.

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for 30 days for workplace admins.

Integrating elia into your IT ecosystem is easy as pie.
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