elia creates connection

The key to hybrid work is getting in sync.

Say hi to hybrid. Say hello to elia. A simple platform. And a more human way to connect when it comes to hybrid work.

Who'll be there?

It’s often the first question we ask before heading to the office.

When your employees are synchronized, it saves your business both time and frustration. elia helps you get all your hybrid work ducks in a row with a dashboard that identifies the best time to go to the office—according to your schedule and that of your colleagues.

Office attendance rates increase on average by 300%* after elia is deployed.

* Based on reservation rates after full deployment of elia.

There’s a whole lot of AI in elia

elia is one smart partner. She learns the routines of your employees, notices team preferences and sends smart notifications when a colleague is, or will be, in the workplace.

elia also makes it possible to invite colleagues to join you in the office, once again fostering a culture of collaboration.

How does our
collaboration module work?

Hybrid scheduling dashboard
Microsoft Teams & Slack Integrations
Find colleagues in real time*
Smart notifications
Invites colleagues
Single Sign On (SSO)

Plug n' play

with leading collaboration

Turnkey service

done within a few hours, by our friendly elia experts.

Free trial

for 30 days for workplace admins.

Integrating elia into your IT ecosystem is easy as pie.
And who doesn't love pie?

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elia exceeds their expectations.

Official Rollout After Pilot Success
Smarter Spaces, Better Care
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