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Location: Quebec City
Sites: 1
Industry: Accounting Services
Employees: 45


Need for a hot-desking management platform
Need for employees to find each other more easily within the workplace


Easy and intuitive desk and room booking through elia Reservation
Increased in-person collaboration through a real-time view of colleagues with elia Analysis

About Coeficia

Coeficia is an association of independent CPAs who share common values and expertise. Born from the merger of three accounting firms in 2022, the company offers services such as financial statement reporting, bookkeeping, business startup support, financial and management services, organization, tax optimization, strategic analysis, and more.

A 3 for 1 Thanks to Hybrid Work

The merger led to a re-evaluation of the physical workspace needed to accommodate the new firm's 45 employees. Aware of the growing popularity of hybrid work, managers opted for unassigned desks, which allowed them to optimize the required surface area. Thus, they could set up fewer individual workstations, while offering more closed office space for employees to take meetings and phone calls in.

As this transition posed its share of challenges, the firm needed a simple and reliable desk reservation solution. Coeficia was also hoping to increase in-person collaboration and enhance the employee experience.

Manage Your Workspace on the Fly

From their first demonstration of the elia Reservation platform, managers were impressed by its simplicity. In addition to offering an intuitive booking interface, it was possible to deploy the solution in just a few hours – far less than other technologies considered.

The company has since inaugurated its brand-new office in the Lebourgneuf area in Quebec City. Employees can now book a workstation when they wish to work from the office, either via the web or mobile application. By simplifying the hybrid work model, Coeficia was able to offer a more enjoyable office space and more flexibility to its employees, while reducing operating costs.

Unmatched Collaboration

In addition to bookings, Coeficia also wanted to promote in-office collaboration, knowing it can be harder to find colleagues within the workplace when desks are unassigned. That is why we also deployed our elia Spot hardware, consisting of smart sensors placed under desks that detect which employee is working at which workstation. This means employees can see where their colleagues are located within the office in real-time.

Since implementing the solution, the firm has noted an increase in face-to-face interactions between colleagues and a better in-office employee experience. So much so that the new space is frequently at maximum capacity, as employees enjoy reconvening with their colleagues.

Equipped for Increased Employee Engagement

While many companies struggle to adapt to the post-pandemic hybrid model, Coeficia has seized the opportunity to offer the flexibility its employees desire while optimizing its investment. Forward-thinking and well-equipped, the firm has everything it needs to offer an optimal employee experience, increase motivation and attract the best talent.

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