Eddyfi Technologies

Desk Sharing Made Simple


Location: Headquarters in Quebec, 13 offices worldwide
Industry: Non-destructive inspection technology
Employees: 750


Need to share theworkspace more effectively following rapid staff growth


Easy management of shared workspaces that allows all employees to enjoy the headquarters and promotes in-person collaboration

About Eddyfi Technologies

Founded in 2009 in Quebec, Eddyfi Technologies is the global reference in non-destructive inspection solutions. The company offers a diversified portfolio of non-destructive inspection devices in key industries, notably in the oil, aerospace, and nuclear industries.

Eddyfi Technologies operates in more than 110 countries, currently has 13 offices around the world, and employs more than 750 people. Following strategicacquisitions, the company began looking for a workspace management tool that would simplify the sharing of unassigned desks for headquarter employees.

Facilitating the Use of Shared Desks

As a growing company, Eddyfi faced the challenge of maintaining a culture of collaboration and innovation while optimally managing space in its superb headquarters, inaugurated in 2018. Sharing unassigned desks became essential to accommodate the growing number of employees without compromising efficiency or comfort.

To meet this immediate need, Eddyfi was using a booking platform that was not suited to its needs and was creating dissatisfaction among employees. This is why the company soon decided to equip itself with a space management tool which was better adapted to its reality.

After studying several platforms, the simplicity and flexibility of elia made it the ideal solution for the Eddyfi team. Indeed, thanks to customization policies, some areas have been assigned to certain departments to simplify sharing and promote in-person collaboration.

elia’s intuitiveness also allowed Eddyfi employees to enthusiastically adopt the tool, enabling as mooth transition to new shared workspace dynamics.

The Art of Deploying Without Disruption

The ease of implementation was decisive for Eddyfi when adopting elia. Deployment occurred with surprising speed and ease and, most importantly, without interfering with the daily lives of employees. This seamless transition was made possible thanks to close and proactive collaboration between the teams at Eddyfi and elia, ensuring personalized and effective support.

The initial setup of the platform is very intuitive, and collaborating with the GPHY team is quick and simple. Moreover, the transition to elia was seamless for our users. The configurable settings made it easy to adapt to the reality of our organization, allowing users to easily find a space that meets their needs.

- Anne-Marie Allard, Strategic Project Manager at Eddyfi


With elia, Eddyfi has optimized the use of its workspaces while making them more lively and collaborative. The tool has provided a concrete response to the company's flexibility needs, simplifying daily management while cultivating team spirit.

This collaboration demonstrates that with the right tools, managing growth and promoting collaboration becomes child's play. Together, Eddyfi and elia prove that efficiency and conviviality are the keys to a professional environment where it is pleasant to work and innovate.

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