Bringing Hybrid Workspaces Back to Life

Gestion FÉRIQUE and elia: Making Business a Pleasure


Location: Montreal
Sites: 1
Industry: Financial Services
Employees: 75


Need for a desk-booking solution
Need for a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-deploy tool


An improved employee experience through an intuitive platform that allows them to choose a space that suits their needs and enables them to locate their colleagues.

About Gestion FÉRIQUE

Founded in 1999, Gestion FÉRIQUE is a Canadian mutual fund manager. It is the only non-profit investment fund in Canada with the sole objective of serving the interests of engineers, engineering graduates, and their families. Based in Montreal, the company offers a flexible hybrid work model to its 75 employees.

When Synchronization Rhymes With Collaboration

As many companies nowadays, FÉRIQUE Investments has adopted a hybrid work model, combining in-person and remote work. Although this new model offers many advantages, the company soon realized that this change would require tools to adapt and enhance the employee experience. Gestion FÉRIQUE conducted extensive research to find a solution capable of maximizing in-person collaboration whilst also strengthening company culture.

Gestion FÉRIQUE ultimately chose elia Reservation. This solution enables employees to easily book desks, view their colleagues' bookings, and synchronize their in-person workdays. Employees appreciate the user-friendly platform and having the ability to see their colleagues' presence in the office.

"Now, our employees can plan their in-office days more easily, knowing when their colleagues will be present and choosing a desk that suits their needs (e.g., closed office or open space). It's convenient and fosters collaboration."

-       Donna Prahacs, Vice President, Talent, Culture, and Sustainable Development

Simplicity Has Never Been So… Simple

elia aims to create simple and intuitive hybrid work tools, and this philosophy applies to the deployment of these tools within client environments. Indeed, the implementation of elia at FÉRIQUE Investments was quick and efficient. The company worked closely with elia to set up the platform within just a few days.

Thanks to the elia’s simplicity, employees quickly made the most of its various features. The distribution of a user manual allowed everyone to become familiar with the tool and to find support resources when needed.

Finally, Gestion FÉRIQUE appreciates the product's scalability and the elia team's agility. With a platform that is constantly evolving, customers benefit from the regular addition of new features and contribute to the platform's development themselves through various feedback mechanisms. This flexibility allows GPHY to adapt to customers' needs and offer optimal after-sales support.

"elia's team deeply understands our booking needs. Within just a few months of use, we've already seen the addition of new features that improve our employee experience. Plus, the app is user-friendly and the setup was done quickly."

- Maxime Goulet-Dion, Vice President, Information Technology and Operations

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