elia Triples Rate of Workspace Bookings


Location : Montreal
Industry : Telecommunications
Employees: 10 000


Need for an office reservation solution that promotes collaboration
Need for a simple, intuitive tool that is easy to deploy



Launch of a pilot to deploy elia for a few selected teams across two Québecor offices


A 304% increase in desk and meeting room bookings following the deployment of elia

About Québecor

A Canadian leader in telecommunications, entertainment, news media and culture, Québecor is one of the most successful integrated communications companies in the industry.

The company brings together strong brands such as Vidéotron, TVA, Le Journal de Montréal and Le Journal de Québec, in addition to being active in magazine and book publishing, advertising, film and television services, record production and the distribution of cultural products.

Québecor employs more than 10,000 people in Canada. Headquartered in Montréal, Québecor draws on its vast network of experts to serve the organization's various subsidiaries. Many of its employees benefit from the flexibility offered by hybrid work and can therefore opt to work 100% in the office, 100% at home, or a combination of both.

Promoting in-person work with bookings

Hybrid work offers valuable flexibility to employees, but it can also lead to a great deal of frustration: that of travelling to the office, only to spend the whole day in virtual meetings with colleagues working from home.

That's why the hybrid model works best when teams can synchronize their in-office days. With elia, employees can view their colleagues' bookings and coordinate their presence in the office more effectively. This optimizes employee travel, favouring physical meetings only where they add real value.

This synchronization has enabled Québecor to triple the number of workstation and meeting room reservations within just a few months. In fact, since deploying elia at two of its sites, Québecor has seen an average increase of 304% in reservations.

This increase translates into more productive and enjoyable face-to-face work days for Québecor employees. This data also testifies to the user-friendliness of the elia platform, which offers a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for employees to adopt.

elia's booking system is so simple! There's no need for user training, the floor plan appears and all you have to do is select the workstation you want. The few times we needed support during the rollout, the GPHY team was always easy to reach and responded very quickly.

- Michelle D'Arcy, Director of Real Estate Operations at Québecor

Promoting collaboration within the office

To accommodate its many employees, Québecor has multiple large sites and offices. However, hybrid work has made it challenging to locate colleagues within the office, as they often no longer have assigned desks or offices.

Thanks to elia, employees can now rely on their colleagues' reservations to find them within the office. This allows them to reserve a workspace close to their teammates or simply meet them in person for a casual chat. This helps recreate the hallway encounters that have become less frequent since the advent of remote work, but provide so much value to both employees and employers.

"I love booking my office with elia - it's quick and easy! In just a few clicks, I can reserve my place and see who's going to be in the office with me. The planner in me is delighted to be able to schedule my in-office days in advance and to be able to easily make changes to my bookings if need be."

- Audrey, Human Resources at Québecor

Collecting user reviews on a larger scale

Finally, the partnership between GPHY, the company behind elia, and Québecor allows the startup to gather user feedback on a larger scale than was previously possible. By surveying employees from different departments and various sites, it is now possible to paint a more comprehensive picture of elia's appreciation and how different teams within a large corporation can have different needs.

This user feedback enables elia to evolve and adapt to the needs of the companies it serves. In return, Québecor is now better equipped to optimize their hybrid work model and promote in-person collaboration in this new reality.

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