Reinventing Workspace Management with elia


Location : Montreal & Quebec City
Industry  : Legal Services
Employees : 220


Need for a more user-friendly platform and greater employee-adoption
Need for customizable rules so staff can access appropriate workspaces at all times


Greater platform adoption, increased office attendance and employee interactions


Founded in Montreal in 1892, ROBIC is an internationally renowned legal firm that has earned a reputation for excellence in intellectual property. The firm has offices in Montreal and Quebec City, and is composed of a team of over 220 support staff and highly qualified professionals specializing in intellectual property and business law.

In a move to enhance workplace efficiency and satisfaction, ROBIC transitioned its workspace management solution to elia in 2023. Stemming from the challenging user interface of their previous solution, which led to underutilization by the team, elia emerged as the ideal replacement.

User-Friendly Adoption

User-friendliness was a key factor in ROBIC’s desire to transition to a new workspace management platform. As the previous interface posed several challenges for users, low usage rates created various difficulties in sharing desks and meeting rooms.

 ROBIC opted for elia due to its intuitive design and ease of use, making it an instant hit among staff. As elia’s interface and user experience is designed with the end-user in mind, this results in a more pleasant experience and, in turn, greater usage rates.

"Our team members love the elia platform and adopted it immediately upon launch! The platform is very well thought out; all functionalities are easy to use, without the need for training. Certain functionalities have also helped increase office attendance and in-person interactions. I, therefore, highly recommend elia to any business!"

– Catherine Chouinard, Human Resources Director at ROBIC

Customizable Policies for Privacy andEfficiency

Given the critical importance of privacy and specific workspace requirements in the legal sector, elia’s customizable policies were imperative for ROBIC.

With a very collaborative and horizontal company culture,ROBIC easily transitioned to unassigned seating when staff returned to the office post-pandemic. However, due to the nature of the work at hand, it is imperative that staff always have access to workspaces that allow for privacy and productivity.

This is why elia’s flexible policy settings also made it the solution of choice for ROBIC. elia’s policies allow platform administrators to allocate certain spaces or resources to specific teams or individuals. These settings are entirely customizable for each business and each team, allowing the workspace to be perfectly tailored to the company’s evolving needs.


In conclusion, the switch to elia has not only simplified workspace management for ROBIC, but also enhanced staff satisfaction and productivity. elia demonstrates the power of user-centered design and customizable policies in creating a more efficient, satisfied, and collaborative workplace.

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